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About Us

After more than ten years in banking, we have decided to start our own path and become independent traders. We are here to fully support you through your journey to financial freedom.

What We Do

We are here to share all the knowledge and experience we have acquired during our careers as professional traders. Our method is based on solid risk management, a deep understanding of the market dynamics, and a set of Trading Techniques that we use to select the best trading signals and generate consistent profits.

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  • Select the courses that suit you best depending on your experience
  • Learn how to set up your chart with the best technical indicators and how to use them for trading
  • The best and most profitable trading techniques presented in detail with many practical examples
  • How to select the best buying signals (Breakouts) and avoid being trapped (Fakeouts)
  • A safe risk management strategy used by pro traders to generate consistent profits on stocks or cryptos
  • Get access to our private forum where you can meet fellow traders and discuss your plays with the help of TS traders
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