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  • A complete guide to learn how to identify the best trading signals followed by professional traders, using price action dynamics
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  • Full explanation on how to use Volume, Volatility and Momentum indicators to measure market sentiment and identify the best trading setups
  • A complete and safe risk management strategy used by pro traders to generate consistent profits on a stock or crypto portfolio
  • A full step by step method (TVVM) to enter and exit a position at the right time using Fibonacci ratios, trend lines and Moving Averages
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I can say direct that after the course I understand your and Gabriel’s trading ideas much deeper and how much work to find a good trade setup. I can take some more own decision so that the trade will be more personalized than just copy it with out the understanding why a SL is their or profit taking. For me the value to be a member here has more than doubled after the course because I understand the setups behind the trade ideas !

Guillaume Pillet (Chim)

Hello guys, the course will help you a lot in order to trade properly breakout. Not so hard and really affordable for beginner. I trade for one year and it really helps me to understand how the market behaves and when it is appropriate to enter. I trade crypto and i add 400 ema for entering some trades. If you add a bit of EW principle you should identify more easily thé developpment of the waves. Thx Andrew

Oliver Sirodot

A big Thanks ๐Ÿ™ to TS team that helped me organize my decisions in the market for day trading, it is very helpful and explained by a master in Trading ;) Thanks to this course, I finally understand how to really use volume and momentum indicators to anticipate market movements and it is working better than I thought ! This has been a game changer in my trading and I am about to be profitable this year !

Anastasios Leonidis

Sup bro, I just want to you thank you again, your course opened my eyes in many ways, I follow so many people nobody shares this kind of knowledge man. You know this so called gurus that have come on the surface in 2021 after the massive rally, charge you money for nothing and dont teach you anything real, they just pump and dump things. I am so grateful for sharing your knowledge as a professional trader, hope you will get the credit you deserve๐Ÿš€ ๐Ÿ ๐Ÿ”ฅ . Do you have future plans to drop other courses? Have a good night โœŒ๏ธ

Emad Asfour

“A one of a kind course, that contains a top-notch content; well-structured, very clearly explained with powerful practical examples and great progression, making learning really enjoyable. It is delivered with passion and genuine desire to share the precious knowledge in a professional and accessible way. Andrew’s excellent wealth of experience, side to side with his talent, passion and generosity really make the difference. Thank you Andrew! It is such a fantastic opportunity for me to join, and I’ll definitely be coming back for more. Highly recommended!”